Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bay Cruise & Pier 39

Well crap. I just realized I rearranged my Photobucket (its organized now!) and broke all my links for all my posts except for the last one. Crap. 
Well maybe one of these days I'll go back and fix them... (ha!)

Anyway. A couple weeks ago I did the first page of this double-pager, and today I finished the second. When we went to San Francisco, we took an hour long Bay Cruise around Alcatraz and under the bridge. 
The first page was for a challenge and I had to use certain things. I don't remember each thing, but the part that created a challenge for me was that I had to use 3 patterns. I have a hard time mixing patterns!! But I think I did really well here, and really like the patterns I chose! I knew they had to be pretty neutral, hence the grays and browns, then I chose the pink to add some color. 
For the second page I followed a random sketch I had saved. Sketches help me scrap faster. So does having the paper already chosen. lol.. Choosing paper is usually the hardest part! 

While typing up the above I realized that I had a few more that I hadn't shared that I actually did before those. 
This first one is extra scenic pictures from the Bay Cruise (I kinda needed to fill a page! lol). So its just pictures of Alcatraz and the Bridge. I chose the papers to go with the next page... 

Pier 39! Same day as the cruise (which left from here) and a lot of fun. We got Zoey an Alcatraz shirt- haha! This page was for a challenge. It was a sketch challenge with bright colors, basically. I like how it came out!

And that's all for now. I'm learning how to accomplish things with the baby now, but I'm finding that I have to pick and choose what to accomplish. Usually housework and things come first, but every now and then I need to forget about all that and get scrappy- for me! 

Hopefully I have something to post again soon! :)

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